Piss and vinegar

Piss and vinegar

The hard-left faction have put out their latest newsletter, which removes any doubt that they are an external body whose aims are to take control of our union. This will not come as a shock to regular readers or anyone who has had any dealings with them in the past.

It is of course filled with the usual rhetoric and the assertion that the union is run by a right wing cartel who are running scared of the faction. They also claim that they were banned from campaigning for this very reason. The facts are there were not banned from doing anything and such is the size of their Stalinist egos, they believe that the prevention of outside bodies interfering with UNISON’s democratic process was solely aimed at them.

The above reveals more about them than is first evident. The celebration of members having taken successful industrial action to win disputes is something we all take pride in. Ensuring that we display our gratitude, solidarity and draw our inspiration from is quite righty something we would want to celebrate. Who better than the elected leader of our union to draw together that success for the benefit of conference? The suggestion that this was nothing more than ego trip for Prentis, is narcissistic gaslighting at its best. The hard-left well known for their highjacking of industrial action campaigns and attempts to reflect the glory onto themselves is apparent here in all its green eyed glory. Shock horror! Our union backs and supports members taking industrial action; who would have thought it?

So the hard-left faction will be putting up a single left candidate; can’t think who that will be? I am not entirely sure why there would be a need to develop demands? It would be normal to develop some kind of manifesto in support of candidacy for the purpose of election, unless it’s about making demands upon themselves, which would be bizarre! It is also strange that they believe as an outside body, they would be able to sponsor and support a candidate in this or any other elections?

Prima facia evidence that this external body is seeking to undermine our union.

If I were to draw a comparison with the hard-left faction, it would be with the Brexit party. Sedition is their aim by the spreading of untruths, exaggeration and denying the facts. Like the Brexit party they are determined to destroy a functioning body that has the interests of its members at heart. Anyone who points out their failings or the facts is immediately labelled “right wing” “Bairite” or worse. This of course is a tactic to close down debate and dehumanise anyone who is against them. In using these labels, it is easy for them to dismiss what is is said, so they neither have to justify what they are saying or take any responsibility.

I am not aware of anyone who has been “witch hunted” by our union. I am aware of a number of people that have been subject to rule I and other processes because they have breached unison’s rules, or behaved in a manner that is unacceptable towards members of staff. In any process, decisions are made based on evidence, not some McCarthyistic ideology as the hard-left faction would have you believe. The decisions and outcomes are made by lay members, having taken into account evidence presented.

This faction are not UNISON, they are actively campaigning to undermine the union and its values. UNISON is a democratic union that puts members at the heart of everything it does and I for one want to keep it that way.

Thanks for reading.

GI Jayne

An amazing coincidence!

A remarkable and amazing coincidence has occurred! A group of candidates that have no connection to unison action broad left (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) have banded together to form a slate. This slate, that has nothing to do with the hard left faction (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) have produced a flyer, on one side the list of candidates and on the other side a manifesto.

A new member asked the hard left faction if there was a unison action broad left slate for the NEC elections. The response came back that there was no unison action broad left slate this year, providing a link to a list of candidates and a manifesto. The questioner asked if there is any connection with unison action broad left, to which the the response was “none whatsoever”.

Being a curious individual I decided to check the information posted for my self.

I thought to myself; this is very odd, there seem to be a majority of people on this list that are known members of unison action broad left. How very strange I thought! Why would these people not associate themselves with unison action broad left? This must be some new group I thought to myself; some new hard left faction; where oh were is unison action broad left?

I then remembered that I had seen this manifesto before, at the Heath and Community conferences.

Imagine my surprise to discover that this mystery group of candidates who have nothing to do with unison action broad left (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) had used the exact same manifesto as the unison action broad left flyers. I ask you, what are the odds? This has to be the greatest coincidence in electoral history.

Of course this is not a coincidence and there is no mystery behind who is responsible for the slate. The hard-left faction are failing miserably to keep their mitts off anything to do with the NEC elections, because they know that anyone who uses the resources of an external body will be liable for disciplinary action. They must think that UNISON members are stupid and that they will not notice that these lying charlatans are behind this. The only idiots here are they themselves. You would have thought that when planning this colossal lie, that one of them may have thought that someone would put two and two together and make four.

These people really are bad news and I ask you reader not to vote for anyone on that list. If they can lie to you about this, what else are they lying about? Those of you that have attended the Community and Health conferences will have seen these documents, so you know they are genuine.

These NEC elections are important to all members, you may not know all the candidates if any in some circumstance, but I think you ought to thank unison action broad left for providing you with a list of people not to vote for.

Thanks for reading.

G I Jayne

Analysing the unison action broad left manifesto

Before anyone says that the document is not produced by the hard left faction ‘unison action broad left left’, let’s just be clear, they have produced it.

This is a short analysis of the document that is accompanying the hard left faction’s slate. If you disagree with this analysis, I welcome your comments. I would also welcome any comments from the candidates themselves. I very much doubt they will. As they have been whipped not to respond to this blog for fear of being exposed.

The National Executive Council Elections are very important for the leadership of our union. Every 2 years, we the members elect the leaders of our union. The NEC works in a democratic way on the principles of collective responsibility and accountability. They are a diverse group who represent the entirety of our union and make major decisions through discussion, debate, consensus and democratic process. The NEC employ staff to assist in delivering its work program and maintain its structures, including operating within the rules and values of the union. The governance of the union is overseen by the NEC who are lay members just like you.


We need a serious national leadership for joined-up strike action against the government & employers.

The hard-left fact believe that the response to any issue must be strike action. Driven on by their SWP/Socialist party sponsors, their intent is to use industrial action, not to better the working conditions and pay of our members, but to politicise disputes with the aim of overthrowing the government. In these circumstances the views and needs of members will become a means to achieving this primary aim. They do not care about what happens to members or the issues that arise out of conflict. They are very often no where to be seen after a dispute or be involved in the work required in rebuilding good industrial relations.

What this statement actually means is that they want to remove the legal safeguards and protections afforded to members, so they can initiate strike action whenever and for whatever they want. The hard-left faction care nothing for the consequences, legal or otherwise. They choose to shout it down claiming that the union is undemocratic and blairite. Nothing could be further from the truth, the final say on strike action is always that of the members.


We must support members in every sector – including the private and community sectors, fighting to win collective bargaining rights.

This is an attempt to gain votes from the private and community sectors. The suggestion that UNISON does not support them is ridiculous. Hard working activists in both of these sectors are fighting to gain agreements with employers supported by the union. Of course the hard-left faction’s approach is to use strike action to try and force employers to their will.


UNISON must take a high profile lead, alongside other trade unions in fighting racism, as well as working with organisations opposing racism and fascism. For an anti austerity message of jobs, homes and services – not racism.

This one somewhat misses the mark as well as being offensive in the suggestion that UNISON does not fight racism or have a high profile in the fight. Of all the trade unions, UNISON’s record on fighting racism and fascism is solid. UNISON does have many affiliations with anti racism groups such as Hope not Hate, an arrangement that goes back to their inception. Let’s not forget that the hard-left faction wants to put in a motion to prevent Hope not Hate from attending our conferences.

I am not quite sure because of the way it is written, that they aren’t saying that UNISON is not putting out messages of anti austerity, jobs homes and services and putting out racist messages. If this is the case, they should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s remember, they were content to share racist materials on their facebook page. They refused to remove this material, which is there to this day. They attacked Dave Prentis for showing leadership and taking action against anti-semitism. Check their social media output and you will find nothing that attacks anti-semitism.

They were repeatedly asked to give their position on anti-semitism, they never responded!


No more members’ money should go to support MPs/Councillors attacking Jeremy Corbyn. We must support any Councillors making a stand against cuts and call on Labour Councils to stand up against the cuts now.

The right to criticise the Labour leader or indeed any labour politician is the right of all Labour Party members where there is justification. To cut off support for people that share our values and provide a voice for us in parliament and local councils is naïve. It’s a bit “pot calling kettle” this one, given the amount of abuse they have given Dave Prentis and other officials of our union.

Labour Link have the responsibility to make decisions about financial support, which is actually limited in its operation. The fact the SWP/Socialist party members believe that they can dictate UNISON policy outside of rules beggars belief. The issues that surround Labour councils and austerity are very complicated and that is as much as I will say in this critique.

As far as I am aware, the Labour Party are a socialist anti austerity party, or am I mistaken? What they really mean is a SWP/Socialist party influenced Labour Party.


We should be using our influence in the TUC for a national demonstration to kick this government out.

Anyone who believes that work is not being undertaken by UNISON through the TUC and Labour link does not know our union. UNISON and the TUC could call for a national demonstration, but in reality what would it achieve at this time? Time effort and resources would be better utilised in creating a credible alternative that is electable and supports UNISON’s aims and objectives.

Is having a demonstration really what is is important to UNISON members who are struggling with the cost of living, the threats to jobs and services and the uncertainty of Brexit?


Members and activists must have full transparent, democratic control over the union.

These elections are a transparent democratic process and members will make the decision on who represents them on the National Executive Council. The NEC has governance on all things which are moderated through the rules of the union and the agreed protocols and processes. What the hard-left faction mean by this is not actually about democracy or indeed transparency. What they want is to be able to ignore the rules, processes and procedures that do not fit their objectives. They want to overturn democratic decisions and scrap collective responsibility. Those that are currently on the NEC don’t even sit with the NEC. They prefer to be in a different room and not to engage fully with the democratic process. See my previous post  Upstairs Downstairs 


Put the money where the work is!

The issue of funding is always going to be an issue as the resources of the union are not infinite. What they mean by putting the money where the work is; is linked to their attitude towards strike and funding of the SWP/Socialist party. There have been too many examples of monies being spirited away from branches preventing much needed work and functionality. There are strict rules surrounding the use of members money for good reason. Doubtless there will be much debate at National Delegate conference on this subject.


Branches and members must have the right to campaign against national policy – including opposing pay deals – free from interference of unelected union officers.

This really does demonstrate their anti-democratic, anti-rules, separatist stance. One of their number was suspended from office and they perpetuated the myth that it was for speaking out against the Health pay deal. This turned out not to be true; the individual concerned was put under investigation because of their behaviour towards a member of staff. Sadly I don’t know the precise details, but is was sufficient to warrant an investigation. The matter has since been dealt with through the appropriate process. The decision to suspend the individual and the subsequent investigation was made by Lay officials of the NEC who have responsibility for these matters.

The NEC employs staff to undertake certain duties and on its behalf and work within the rules and direction of the NEC. All decisions are made by elected Lay officials. In the example given, the individual concerned appeared before a panel of elected Lay officials who made the decision based on the evidence presented under the a process of natural justice. Having heard the case, the decision was made to lift the suspension and as far as I am aware, no obvious sanction was imposed. Of course none of this was mentioned by the hard-left faction or on the individuals campaign facebook page. The hard-left faction continue to perpetuate the myth that their comrade was a victim of of over zealous paid officials.

Taking all of the above into account, what exactly is the relevance to ordinary subs paying members? Well not a lot really. As a member I want the people we elect to operate within the rules, support our union and most importantly support them when they need it. Unison action broad left work on an SWP/Socialist party agenda; they take a parochial view of the world based on their own agenda.

Reader, I ask you to seriously consider what a vote for anyone on their slate will mean for our union. We need strong voices to represent us and we need people who are interested in the issues that matter to us and that put our union first. It is perfectly ok for people to have different political view points but bring our union’s aims and values into those politics, not those political aims into our union.

The elections start on the 15th April 2019 and run until the 17th May, please choose wisely and continue to keep our union something to be proud of.

Thanks for reading.

G I Jayne

Is unison action broad left dead?

You could be fooled if you believe that to be the case, however I rather think that is what they are hoping, at least for the term of UNISON’s NEC elections. The hard left faction seems to have dropped ‘unison’ and the ‘broad left bit’ from its title now referring to itself as ‘action’. I was almost fooled by this slight of hand (if you believe that you will believe anything) until looking at the list of the usual ne’er do wells, socialist party and SWP members who they are asking you to vote for.

Perhaps they have realised what a toxic brand “union action broad left’ is? Sadly not, this band of charlatans are seeking to dupe members into voting for them by disassociation. Looking at the usual fantasy politics (straight from the SWP/Socialist party handbook) on the back of there flyer, there is absolutely nothing new. The claims and demands are exactly what they were in previous election documents. The main difference being they are not associating themselves with with the faction brand.

They have run a fringe meeting at UNISON’s Health conference this week and this is the measure of the intelligence of these people, they put exactly the same demands and claims on the hard left faction fringe meeting flyer as the put on the candidates flyer. Of course the reality of the situation is that they are seeking to avoid their candidates being penalised by the election procedure by keeping them away from the unison action broad left brand. Well this is obviously an epic fail as the health leaflet is in fact a smoking gun.

The hard left faction were formally classified by UNISON as an outside body and therefore unable to support candidates for the NEC elections. Sadly for them, they have failed in that endeavour having produced the leaflet and posted the candidate list on their facebook page. I am sure the scrutinisers will be taking a good look at this and the other evidence that exists, more about that in a future posting.

Members are free to vote for whom ever they please and of course the process must be carried out on a level playing field, something the hard left faction have failed to observe. Their objectives are clear, they are anti democratic, racist and just a little bit misogynistic. I would encourage members to vote wisely and not give these outlaws any more of a footing in our union.

As always reader, the evidence is out there, feel free to check it out.

Thanks for reading.

GI Jayne

The birth of a conspiracy

Reader, we are very fortunate to be on the ground level of the birth of a conspiracy. The hard left faction have put out the statement below.

UNISON Action is opposed to disciplinary action being instigated against individuals or branches for simply expressing a different view from the national leadership on issues that effect members or for campaigning amongst membership to alter UNISON policy on any issues.

UNISON Action will challenge the use of inappropriate disciplinary action being used to simply silence opposing views from that of the national leadership and to threaten and coerce members activists and branches into not raising questions and concerns around policies.

UNISON Action will work to ensure our union is genuinely lay led and oppose intimidation and unjustified abuse of disciplinary action, precisely to stifle democracy and freedom to express views and campaign to change policy which was a founding principle of UNISON.

Important things to identify in this statement are the absence of facts. Some glib attention grabbing phrases of the accusatory nature suggesting persecution and unjust action on the part of UNISON. Strong language such as ‘threaten’ ‘coerce’ ‘stifle’ ‘abuse’ etc is used to draw the reader into a world of conspiracy against the supposedly honourable person/s just legitimately raising concerns or opposing views.

I have no knowledge of the case/s they are referring to, but I would like to bet that they relate to the indiscretions of some of the hard left faction’s inner sanctum. I refer to the birth of a conspiracy, as this is the usual trope, whenever one of its number are challenged through UNISON’s rules.

It is important that you are aware reader, that UNISON does not take this sort of action lightly, and a decision to do so is made not by the General Secretary, but a number of lay officials, who seek legal advice before making the decision to proceed.

The hard left faction will now put some energy into trying to rubbish any action taken by UNISON as an unjustified “witch hunt”. Doubtless we will see that tactics employed by the likes of Tommy Robinson and co in pleading the innocence of whomever is subject to the disciplinary action. There will be claims of all sorts made and I guarantee that they will take the opportunity to bash UNISON and its leadership.

It is important to note that UNISON provides guidance: https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2013/06/On-line-Catalogue133053.pdf This document has been in place for some 18 years following a decision of National Delegate Conference. The document is comprehensive and easy to understand, setting out how to campaign to change UNISON policy democratically and within the rules of the union.

This guidance will be conveniently forgotten, or rather ignored as the conspiracy unfolds and as usual the facts will be buried by the faction, particularly if they do not fit their mantra.

So watch this space and let’s see what unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

Idiot Joy Showland Part III

So Labour have finally done the decent thing and re-accepted the IHRA definition. Our friends in the hard left faction having stated that they “stand with Corbyn” when UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis announced that the Labour Link Committee had adopted the definition and were urging the Labour Party to do the same. Letters were written to DP demanding an explanation, motions were hurriedly written for branch and regional meetings demanding an explanation. People threatened to leave UNISON on the basis of the Labour Link decision (probably no great loss).

Not wanting to loose an opportunity to have a go at DP, the hard left faction mobilised to vent their anger at this outrage! This of course was a fabricated missive to ratchet up the hate against the General Secretary and the National union.

Well today, the Labour Party have finally accepted the definition in full. The official Labour statement said: “The NEC has today adopted all of the IHRA (the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) examples of anti-Semitism, in addition to the IHRA definition which Labour adopted in 2016, alongside a statement which ensures this will not in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians”.

So there you have it! Common sense has prevailed and hopefully the Labour Party can begin to restore confidence and focus on defeating the Tories.

So what does this mean for the hard left faction? What is for certain is that there is a serious confidence gap. They have failed to put out a formal statement on their position, they have failed to show any leadership whatsoever, and they have been seen to run away and hide when challenged.

Today’s decision shows what a bunch of charlatans they are! These are people who want to run your union and make it a “fighting union” what a joke! Their leaders are made of straw and their policies are built on sand. Their shameful behaviour has exposed their complete lack of any moral fibre or integrity.

So will they now “stand with Corbyn” and support the definition? clearly Mr Corbyn supports the definition today as he did in 2016. So can we now have the unison action broad left statement on the IHRA definition by showing how “they stand with Corbyn”? I very much doubt it, all the piss and wind generated was not about the definition, it was just another excuse for the SWP/Socialist Party backed faction to show their hate for UNISON and its General Secretary.

Thanks for reading.

Idiot Joy Showland – the sequel

Tomorrow (4th September 2018) is a big day for Labour’s NEC, when they make the decision on the acceptance of the IHRA working definition of anti-semitism. It’s an interesting situation as the Labour Party already accepted the definition on the 12th December 2016. Also worth noting that Saint Corbyn was also in attendance at the meeting and supported its acceptance.

It is therefore somewhat confusing that the hard left faction got into such a kerfuffle over UNISON’s General Secretary Dave Prentis, writing in the new Statesman about UNISON’s Labour Link accepting the definition, citing the decision that had been made by Labour in 2016.

Never wanting to make a drama out of nothing, the hard left faction claimed that the “Blairite, right wing class traitor Prentis” had sold Saint Corbyn down the river. “I stand with Corbyn” was the clarion cry. How can DP dare to write in a Tory supporting rag and show such hatred to Corbyn especially as it had not been discussed at National Delegate Conference?

As has been evidenced, the decision to support the definition was made by the Labour Link Committee, who are empowered to do so. “Not in my name” some cried, “how dare he put his own views into print” said others. This hysteria was totally uncalled for and based in ignorance of the facts and the rules of the union. Typical of the hard left faction to go off half cocked and condemn something they don’t understand.

The naivety of these people is astounding, the crass comments made by many of them show no understanding of why there is a problem with anti-semitism in the Labour Party. They seem to be unable to grasp the fact that their behaviour is actually contributing to the problem.

I have asked them on numerous occasions to give a statement on their position on the IHRA working definition, I may as well be pissing in the wind, as no response has been forthcoming. Reader, we can only speculate as to why they have refused to comment, and given the responses on their feeds, I am not convinced that their position would be something any rational person would find acceptable. In this case; silence does speak louder than words!

I don’t know about you reader, but I would love to see a Labour government putting right what this Tory shower has destroyed over the last 8 years. Sadly I think the hard left faction are not on the same page.

So, we will have an answer which will hopefully enable us all to get on with the job of getting into government and putting this country back on track, no thanks to the SWP/Socialist party backed unison action broad left.

As always, thanks for reading.

It’s your union, let’s keep it that way

The hard left faction will be gearing up to take as many seats as possible in the Service Group Executive by-elections. The nomination period opens on the 10th September and no doubt there will be a clattering of requests to branches to support their candidates.

The faction have already published their intent to take all the vacant seats with the following choice comments:

“59?? We could run the union with that :)”

“Let’s get rid of the neo liberals who run the union”.

No surprises that they are seeking to take over the union at every level. I am sure that there will be a war room set up in some dusty bunker co-ordinated by the SWP/Socialist party controllers. There will doubtless be a slate and it will be really interesting to see if that can actually field 59 candidates that are daft enough to associate themselves with the faction.

This reporter reliably informed that the current incumbents who associate themselves with the hard left faction, are never at the front of the queue when the work is doled out. These hyper critical individuals tend to shy away from actually taking any responsibility and doing any actual work; they would rather shout for strikes and demos and criticise the leadership. They don’t seem to understand that leadership is about rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty. Responsibility is not something they are keen to accept and their knowledge of what the union actually does or how it works is shockingly poor.

This is one of the problems with single issue pressure groups, all their energy is spent on a very narrow perspective. They tend to think of the union like a car, you get in and you drive it, they don’t consider the refuelling, the maintenance and all the other things that need to be done to keep it on the road.

When branches receive nominations, my advice is to check what candidates are saying, their political allegiances and their understanding of the union. Ask them if they are not saying, you have a right to know.

One thing is for sure, this SWP/Socialist Party backed faction is serious about taking over your union, but god only knows what they would do with it if they achieved that aim.

So reader, think very carefully when you are supporting candidates in this important election, are these people really working in the best interest of your union and your members?

Thanks for reading.

What they Stand for; the Truth

What do the hard left faction stand for? Let’s have a look at their statement “what we stand for”.

A meeting was convened to discuss the lack of effective leadership throughout UNISON at National level in most union structures.

Leadership throughout the National union has been determined by democratic process, members have decided by voting who represents them at a national level, not the SWP/Socialist Party. Chairs and Vice Chairs are elected by National Committees again through democratic process, not the SWP/Socialist Party.

UNISON is meant to be a lay led union but currently the majority of the NEC, most service group national committees and the national Labour Link Committee are dominated by the internal aims of some national officers rather than led to the needs of UNISON members.

This is SWP/Socialist Party propaganda, those lay members who were elected by the members make the decisions on the National Committees within the rules of the union, paid officers of the union are employed to provide support and to undertake work as determined by the lay officials that make up the committees. All decisions are made through democratic process, paid officials do not have a vote.

This lack of effective leadership is one of the central factors behind the inability of the union to seriously challenge the continued destruction of our public services, the cut in our real earnings of over 25 % in the last 8 years and the escalating attacks on our pensions.

Again, SWP/Socialist Party propaganda. UNISON have battled hard against austerity within the confines of the law. The only way to defeat austerity is to win at the ballot box in a general election. The Socialist Party and SWP decided to put candidates under the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) banner, a pointless endeavour with most if not all candidates getting less votes that the Monster Raving Looney Party.

If we were to believe this propaganda, it would mean that UNISON has done nothing at all in fighting austerity; this of course is total nonsense. It would mean that hard working branches and activists have sat on their hands and supported the cuts, you all know that this is not the case. What the hard left faction mean, is that UNISON has not called for General Strike or supported the SWP/Socialist Party agenda. Their attitude is offensive and insulting to every activist in UNISON who work tirelessly to support their members and fight austerity.

Yet even where members voted for action on pay and pensions that action was undermined by prevarication, delay and the overwhelming desire of officers, supported by the majority of the national leadership of our union, to end the disputes at the earliest opportunity rather than seek real improvements for lay members.

More insulting words that do not reflect the truth. UNISON members voted on acceptance of pay offers, the majority of members did not want to take industrial action over pay and that is their decision to make. What the hard left faction conveniently fail to highlight, is that members are consulted throughout pay consultation and it is the members that make the decisions. The special conference that was held over Local Government Pay was a farce; it amounted to nothing more that the usual suspects bullying UNISON staff and senior lay officials. The cost of the conference could actually been better spent in fighting austerity rather than supporting the vanity of unison action.

That lack of real leadership has cost our members dear.

The ridiculous behaviour of the hard left faction has cost us dear, is the truth of the matter. How dare they accuse democratically elected members of not providing leadership; this coming from a group of people who dare not fart without the say so of their SWP/Socialist Party masters.

Activists who seek to challenge this position are increasingly threatened with individual disciplinary action to silence them and warn off others.

Anyone who breaks the rules of the union may be subject to disciplinary process as a result, the suggestion that threats are made to those that follow the mantra of the hard left faction is untrue, if this were the case, most of them would have been expelled from the union some time ago. UNISON operates under collective responsibility, but the hard left faction do not support democratic process or collective responsibility if it does not suit their aims.

Our UNISON democracy is circumvented in some ways and grossly abused in other instances. UNISONaction Broad Left believes this situation cannot continue and the union needs to be cleaned up.

This is rich coming from people who don’t actually support democracy or collective responsibility. What is really telling, is that they offer no examples to support this claim. The suggestion is that the union is corrupt and that democratically elected officials and paid members of staff need to be expelled to make way for their SWP/Socialist Party pals. We have heard this language a thousand times, such as Trump’s “drain the swamp” mantra, used to vilify any opposition.

To do that means electing an alternative leadership throughout our structures. UNISONaction Broad Left is composed of a wide range of activists of different views on some issues but who are working together to bring about positive change in our union to benefit our members.

Here we get to meat of their aims, their reason for existence; quite simply they want to take over the union. They seek to usher in their own people, backed by the SWP/Socialist Party so they can use the resources of the union. They have long tried to break the link with the Labour Party, calling for more diverse use of the political funds, well I think we all know what that means!

Wherever possible UNISONaction Broad Left will seek to get agreed candidates to stand for all national lay posts in future with the aim of electing a new national lay leadership to bring about the changes needed.

So who will agree the candidates? You? Me? The members? No; they will carefully select the people they believe best serve their aims. It would be interesting to know how many candidates on their slate are either members of the SWP/Socialist Party or associated with them. Probably worth asking that question if they contact you. What are the changes needed? They don’t tell you reader, because they know you would not support them.

If UNISON is to even try and fight to represent our members interests there is no option but to change our national leadership who year after year have failed our members.

This is an insult to hard working activists and officials who battle every day in support of UNISON members. I have seen strikes, campaigns and successes through the political funds over the last eight years. I have seen dedicated members and staff fighting on the frontlines against this government and its ideological austerity. UNISON members and activists deserve better than the hard left faction political throwbacks who choose to ignore the successes that the great union that is UNISON have achieved.

Do not be fooled by these shysters who attack the very fabric of your union, they will not support UNISON’s members, they will not work in a democratic way. They are no better than the drunk who hurls abuse at passers by as they drown in their own intoxication and inadequacy. To give this faction oxygen is to deny our union breath. They are about themselves and their masters not our members or our values.

Thanks for reading.

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