Saints and Sinners

The hard left faction have held some meetings recently, I hear on the grape vine that they have been looking at their slate for the upcoming NEC Elections and have ditched their support for certain individuals. Given that their current obsession is open selection within the Labour Party, it would be interesting to find out how they have selected this slate. I will put money on them being the usual suspects with a smattering of SWP/Socialist party loyalist fuhrer favorites. Certainly they will have employed some McCarthyistic endeavor to root out anyone they believe has shown Blairite, right tendencies, which is faction code for anyone who does not agree with them.

Surely the aim for the Labour Party is to is to become the next government, and if serious about this, all efforts and energy should be put to that aim. The current trigger ballot process is more than enough for the deselection of a sitting MP and replacement candidate. It is simple process low on bureaucracy and big on democracy, as in the members make the decisions. They have the usual bee in their bonnet over this, because the people that are directing them have not bothered to research how the existing process works.  Member made decisions are not something that the hard left faction are particularly fond of, despite what they say. Their SWP/Socialist party controllers who are adept in rhetoric, put much energy into perpetuating myths in support of their own political aims. The language of the hard left faction is the language of the SWP/Socialist party, check it out for yourself.

Having recently looked at the Stronger Unison Facebook page and in particular their pinned post, it is clear that the hard left faction were on the attack, as a number of them responded stating that they were indeed members of the Socialist party, you can’t help thinking that in their attempts to attack them, they actually supported the point Stronger Unison were making, and in the words of Homer Simpson “Doh!”……..

Saint Corbyn will be making his keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference this week, so doubtless the hard left faction will be making all sort of claims on the back of this. It’s going to be an interesting week, so keep your ears to the ground.

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The birth of a conspiracy

Reader, we are very fortunate to be on the ground level of the birth of a conspiracy. The hard left faction have put out the statement below.

UNISON Action is opposed to disciplinary action being instigated against individuals or branches for simply expressing a different view from the national leadership on issues that effect members or for campaigning amongst membership to alter UNISON policy on any issues.

UNISON Action will challenge the use of inappropriate disciplinary action being used to simply silence opposing views from that of the national leadership and to threaten and coerce members activists and branches into not raising questions and concerns around policies.

UNISON Action will work to ensure our union is genuinely lay led and oppose intimidation and unjustified abuse of disciplinary action, precisely to stifle democracy and freedom to express views and campaign to change policy which was a founding principle of UNISON.

Important things to identify in this statement are the absence of facts. Some glib attention grabbing phrases of the accusatory nature suggesting persecution and unjust action on the part of UNISON. Strong language such as ‘threaten’ ‘coerce’ ‘stifle’ ‘abuse’ etc is used to draw the reader into a world of conspiracy against the supposedly honourable person/s just legitimately raising concerns or opposing views.

I have no knowledge of the case/s they are referring to, but I would like to bet that they relate to the indiscretions of some of the hard left faction’s inner sanctum. I refer to the birth of a conspiracy, as this is the usual trope, whenever one of its number are challenged through UNISON’s rules.

It is important that you are aware reader, that UNISON does not take this sort of action lightly, and a decision to do so is made not by the General Secretary, but a number of lay officials, who seek legal advice before making the decision to proceed.

The hard left faction will now put some energy into trying to rubbish any action taken by UNISON as an unjustified “witch hunt”. Doubtless we will see that tactics employed by the likes of Tommy Robinson and co in pleading the innocence of whomever is subject to the disciplinary action. There will be claims of all sorts made and I guarantee that they will take the opportunity to bash UNISON and its leadership.

It is important to note that UNISON provides guidance: This document has been in place for some 18 years following a decision of National Delegate Conference. The document is comprehensive and easy to understand, setting out how to campaign to change UNISON policy democratically and within the rules of the union.

This guidance will be conveniently forgotten, or rather ignored as the conspiracy unfolds and as usual the facts will be buried by the faction, particularly if they do not fit their mantra.

So watch this space and let’s see what unfolds.

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Racism, the TUC and UNISON hate

The hard left faction continue to display racist material on their Facebook page (see unison action displays racist material). I have asked them a number of times why the offending post remains on their page; guess what? No response! I noticed that there was a spam posting on their Facebook page that has now been removed, so clearly the page is being moderated. This must remove any doubt that they support this racist posting. This is disgraceful and brings shame on UNISON and its members and is most likely a breach of UNISON’s rules.

The supporting of racism in any form is deplorable. This hard left faction make all sorts of claims including fighting fascism, but they are content for racist material to remain on their page, they are nothing but hypocrites.

This week saw the 150th anniversary of the TUC in Manchester, a celebration of the achievements of the trade union movement and an opportunity to set the future agenda. UNISON played a very active role in the proceedings with many activists taking to the rostrum in support of UNISON’s aims and values. Frances O’Grady sent a clear message to the Tory government that their time is up. It has been a very successful conference and a great showcase for the trade union movement.

You would think that unison action broad left would want to publicise the fact that UNISON were a major player in the proceedings, support activists, give some updates and inform people of UNISON’s influence wouldn’t you? Whoops! You would be wrong; looking at their feeds, it seems that they were more interested in posting about what Unite were up to. Now you have to ask yourself reader, why a faction that claims to be UNISON centric would prefer to put news items about Unite. Not only did they ignore UNISON at the TUC, they posted an FBU comment on Monday’s Panorama investigation into academies, even though UNISON had been part of the program and a key witness.

Why are the hard left faction not reporting on UNISON activity that is high profile and taking the fight to the public? I think reader you know the answer; the SWP/Socialist party backed faction don’t actually have any interest in the work of the wider union. They do not support the aims and objectives of UNISON and they certainly do not support its members.

The hard left faction are now making claims of inappropriate disciplinary action being taken by the union against their people for simply speaking out against UNISON policy. Well this reporter is certain that there must be more to this than they are saying. If disciplinary action was taken against individuals speaking against anyone speaking against union policy, they would all be on a rule I investigation.

They love a self made martyr and any opportunity to attack the union and its leadership. I have no doubt that we will see the usual conspiracy theory based campaigning ratchet up in the near future. I hope you like me, will be keeping a close eye on this one.

As always, thanks for reading.

Idiot Joy Showland Part III

So Labour have finally done the decent thing and re-accepted the IHRA definition. Our friends in the hard left faction having stated that they “stand with Corbyn” when UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis announced that the Labour Link Committee had adopted the definition and were urging the Labour Party to do the same. Letters were written to DP demanding an explanation, motions were hurriedly written for branch and regional meetings demanding an explanation. People threatened to leave UNISON on the basis of the Labour Link decision (probably no great loss).

Not wanting to loose an opportunity to have a go at DP, the hard left faction mobilised to vent their anger at this outrage! This of course was a fabricated missive to ratchet up the hate against the General Secretary and the National union.

Well today, the Labour Party have finally accepted the definition in full. The official Labour statement said: “The NEC has today adopted all of the IHRA (the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) examples of anti-Semitism, in addition to the IHRA definition which Labour adopted in 2016, alongside a statement which ensures this will not in any way undermine freedom of expression on Israel or the rights of Palestinians”.

So there you have it! Common sense has prevailed and hopefully the Labour Party can begin to restore confidence and focus on defeating the Tories.

So what does this mean for the hard left faction? What is for certain is that there is a serious confidence gap. They have failed to put out a formal statement on their position, they have failed to show any leadership whatsoever, and they have been seen to run away and hide when challenged.

Today’s decision shows what a bunch of charlatans they are! These are people who want to run your union and make it a “fighting union” what a joke! Their leaders are made of straw and their policies are built on sand. Their shameful behaviour has exposed their complete lack of any moral fibre or integrity.

So will they now “stand with Corbyn” and support the definition? clearly Mr Corbyn supports the definition today as he did in 2016. So can we now have the unison action broad left statement on the IHRA definition by showing how “they stand with Corbyn”? I very much doubt it, all the piss and wind generated was not about the definition, it was just another excuse for the SWP/Socialist Party backed faction to show their hate for UNISON and its General Secretary.

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Idiot Joy Showland – the sequel

Tomorrow (4th September 2018) is a big day for Labour’s NEC, when they make the decision on the acceptance of the IHRA working definition of anti-semitism. It’s an interesting situation as the Labour Party already accepted the definition on the 12th December 2016. Also worth noting that Saint Corbyn was also in attendance at the meeting and supported its acceptance.

It is therefore somewhat confusing that the hard left faction got into such a kerfuffle over UNISON’s General Secretary Dave Prentis, writing in the new Statesman about UNISON’s Labour Link accepting the definition, citing the decision that had been made by Labour in 2016.

Never wanting to make a drama out of nothing, the hard left faction claimed that the “Blairite, right wing class traitor Prentis” had sold Saint Corbyn down the river. “I stand with Corbyn” was the clarion cry. How can DP dare to write in a Tory supporting rag and show such hatred to Corbyn especially as it had not been discussed at National Delegate Conference?

As has been evidenced, the decision to support the definition was made by the Labour Link Committee, who are empowered to do so. “Not in my name” some cried, “how dare he put his own views into print” said others. This hysteria was totally uncalled for and based in ignorance of the facts and the rules of the union. Typical of the hard left faction to go off half cocked and condemn something they don’t understand.

The naivety of these people is astounding, the crass comments made by many of them show no understanding of why there is a problem with anti-semitism in the Labour Party. They seem to be unable to grasp the fact that their behaviour is actually contributing to the problem.

I have asked them on numerous occasions to give a statement on their position on the IHRA working definition, I may as well be pissing in the wind, as no response has been forthcoming. Reader, we can only speculate as to why they have refused to comment, and given the responses on their feeds, I am not convinced that their position would be something any rational person would find acceptable. In this case; silence does speak louder than words!

I don’t know about you reader, but I would love to see a Labour government putting right what this Tory shower has destroyed over the last 8 years. Sadly I think the hard left faction are not on the same page.

So, we will have an answer which will hopefully enable us all to get on with the job of getting into government and putting this country back on track, no thanks to the SWP/Socialist party backed unison action broad left.

As always, thanks for reading.

What they Stand for; the Truth

What do the hard left faction stand for? Let’s have a look at their statement “what we stand for”.

A meeting was convened to discuss the lack of effective leadership throughout UNISON at National level in most union structures.

Leadership throughout the National union has been determined by democratic process, members have decided by voting who represents them at a national level, not the SWP/Socialist Party. Chairs and Vice Chairs are elected by National Committees again through democratic process, not the SWP/Socialist Party.

UNISON is meant to be a lay led union but currently the majority of the NEC, most service group national committees and the national Labour Link Committee are dominated by the internal aims of some national officers rather than led to the needs of UNISON members.

This is SWP/Socialist Party propaganda, those lay members who were elected by the members make the decisions on the National Committees within the rules of the union, paid officers of the union are employed to provide support and to undertake work as determined by the lay officials that make up the committees. All decisions are made through democratic process, paid officials do not have a vote.

This lack of effective leadership is one of the central factors behind the inability of the union to seriously challenge the continued destruction of our public services, the cut in our real earnings of over 25 % in the last 8 years and the escalating attacks on our pensions.

Again, SWP/Socialist Party propaganda. UNISON have battled hard against austerity within the confines of the law. The only way to defeat austerity is to win at the ballot box in a general election. The Socialist Party and SWP decided to put candidates under the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) banner, a pointless endeavour with most if not all candidates getting less votes that the Monster Raving Looney Party.

If we were to believe this propaganda, it would mean that UNISON has done nothing at all in fighting austerity; this of course is total nonsense. It would mean that hard working branches and activists have sat on their hands and supported the cuts, you all know that this is not the case. What the hard left faction mean, is that UNISON has not called for General Strike or supported the SWP/Socialist Party agenda. Their attitude is offensive and insulting to every activist in UNISON who work tirelessly to support their members and fight austerity.

Yet even where members voted for action on pay and pensions that action was undermined by prevarication, delay and the overwhelming desire of officers, supported by the majority of the national leadership of our union, to end the disputes at the earliest opportunity rather than seek real improvements for lay members.

More insulting words that do not reflect the truth. UNISON members voted on acceptance of pay offers, the majority of members did not want to take industrial action over pay and that is their decision to make. What the hard left faction conveniently fail to highlight, is that members are consulted throughout pay consultation and it is the members that make the decisions. The special conference that was held over Local Government Pay was a farce; it amounted to nothing more that the usual suspects bullying UNISON staff and senior lay officials. The cost of the conference could actually been better spent in fighting austerity rather than supporting the vanity of unison action.

That lack of real leadership has cost our members dear.

The ridiculous behaviour of the hard left faction has cost us dear, is the truth of the matter. How dare they accuse democratically elected members of not providing leadership; this coming from a group of people who dare not fart without the say so of their SWP/Socialist Party masters.

Activists who seek to challenge this position are increasingly threatened with individual disciplinary action to silence them and warn off others.

Anyone who breaks the rules of the union may be subject to disciplinary process as a result, the suggestion that threats are made to those that follow the mantra of the hard left faction is untrue, if this were the case, most of them would have been expelled from the union some time ago. UNISON operates under collective responsibility, but the hard left faction do not support democratic process or collective responsibility if it does not suit their aims.

Our UNISON democracy is circumvented in some ways and grossly abused in other instances. UNISONaction Broad Left believes this situation cannot continue and the union needs to be cleaned up.

This is rich coming from people who don’t actually support democracy or collective responsibility. What is really telling, is that they offer no examples to support this claim. The suggestion is that the union is corrupt and that democratically elected officials and paid members of staff need to be expelled to make way for their SWP/Socialist Party pals. We have heard this language a thousand times, such as Trump’s “drain the swamp” mantra, used to vilify any opposition.

To do that means electing an alternative leadership throughout our structures. UNISONaction Broad Left is composed of a wide range of activists of different views on some issues but who are working together to bring about positive change in our union to benefit our members.

Here we get to meat of their aims, their reason for existence; quite simply they want to take over the union. They seek to usher in their own people, backed by the SWP/Socialist Party so they can use the resources of the union. They have long tried to break the link with the Labour Party, calling for more diverse use of the political funds, well I think we all know what that means!

Wherever possible UNISONaction Broad Left will seek to get agreed candidates to stand for all national lay posts in future with the aim of electing a new national lay leadership to bring about the changes needed.

So who will agree the candidates? You? Me? The members? No; they will carefully select the people they believe best serve their aims. It would be interesting to know how many candidates on their slate are either members of the SWP/Socialist Party or associated with them. Probably worth asking that question if they contact you. What are the changes needed? They don’t tell you reader, because they know you would not support them.

If UNISON is to even try and fight to represent our members interests there is no option but to change our national leadership who year after year have failed our members.

This is an insult to hard working activists and officials who battle every day in support of UNISON members. I have seen strikes, campaigns and successes through the political funds over the last eight years. I have seen dedicated members and staff fighting on the frontlines against this government and its ideological austerity. UNISON members and activists deserve better than the hard left faction political throwbacks who choose to ignore the successes that the great union that is UNISON have achieved.

Do not be fooled by these shysters who attack the very fabric of your union, they will not support UNISON’s members, they will not work in a democratic way. They are no better than the drunk who hurls abuse at passers by as they drown in their own intoxication and inadequacy. To give this faction oxygen is to deny our union breath. They are about themselves and their masters not our members or our values.

Thanks for reading.

UNISON Hate Continues

UNISON has officially become the biggest trade union in the UK, an achievement you would think was worthy of celebration. This is not the case with the hard left faction, never wanting to be seen to support UNISON, they had this to say.

“Numbers mean nothing if you can’t look after what you have”.

“Praising Unison for its “pragmatic” approach makes me smell a rat 🐀

“This article seems to think that a declining unite is some sort of victory for unison, and that UNISON’s letter writing campaigns are the future of trade unionism. Wrong on both counts”.

Many things have annoyed me about our dear leadership in recent times. However, this constant bleating about being the biggest union is up there. I even remember them at conference last year calling into question Unite’s membership record keeping., which is disgusting”.

“should be part and parcel of class struggle”.

“I just hate the triumphalism from the leadership on this. We should be celebrating winning great victories for them, not just increasing numbers“.

“Unison is done f… all in the NHS specially on the last pay negotiations. All my colleagues have left Unison and join GMB and I don’t blame them”.

“There is also some going to unite as well”.

“It’s no accident that the building on Euston Road looks like a bank”.

One thing is for sure, the hard left faction have had nothing to do with the increase in membership. They despise any success and would rather see the union collapse so they could pick at the bones and shout “we told you so”.

UNISON is a great union that has much to offer its members and the fact that it is continuing to grow is a testament to its relevance and success.

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What is a Hard Left Faction?

“A faction is an organised group of people within a larger group, which opposes the ideas of the larger group”. “The term hard left describes those members of a left wing political group who have the most extreme political beliefs”. So there you have it, the hard left faction in UNISON described in a nutshell, but let’s look at it in a little more detail.

What is the ideology of the hard left faction?

They would say that they want a fighting union which translates to a union that puts strike action as its first point of engagement in a dispute. Industrial action of course has a place in industrial relations and can be an effective tool in resolving a dispute and this reporter fully understands its importance, but not all the time every time.

Why do the hard left faction call for strike action so often? You would have to look no further than their political sponsors, the SWP and the Socialist Party. You will often hear them shouting for co-ordinated action or a general strike. Cutting to the chase, the purpose of this is to bring down the government, which they naively believe will enable them to take power, facilitating the introduction of the SWP and Socialist Party’s twisted version of socialism through revolution.

Reader, you may think that this sounds a little extreme, but believe me when I tell you, this is no exaggeration or falsehood. Dig deep enough into the Socialist Party and the SWP and you will soon find it, this is the politics that fuels unison action.

You will hear them shout down UNISON’s leadership at conference, accusing them of being Blairight, right wing, gutless and other such choice handles. They either don’t or won’t understand the legal issues that face the activities of the union. They claim that legal jeopardy is a smokescreen for inaction, a barrier to prevent the union from fighting, a method of gagging them. They care nothing for the responsibility that the union has in protecting its members and itself. They would be happy to risk the integrity of the union in achieving their aims.

Legal jeopardy is a very real threat, to ignore the possibility of litigation, injunction and the freezing of the unions assets is quite frankly madness. Think about your branch not being able do anything because they have no funds, or because they have been served with a court order preventing branch officers from undertaking certain activities under the threat of being personally sued or even the threat of imprisonment? The leaders of the union have a duty to protect the union and its members.

The hard left faction still believe themselves to be able strike whenever they want to, their politics and ideology are firmly encapsulated in the 1970’s. They fail to acknowledge that the law has changed and the processes the union has to follow to protect itself are stringent and unforgiving. This has been further compounded by the Tory government’s unjust trade union act.

Does UNISON want to fight on behalf of its members? Well of course it does, but it has to do so within the confines of the law. This responsibility is never considered by the hard left faction, they would sooner ignore it because it does not fit their script. So according to them, your NEC is corrupt, your General Secretary is a Tory and the Officers of the union are in control. All faction propaganda to get members to follow them and their ideology.

Well so long for now and thanks for reading.

Bigotry, Hate and Ignorance

Confusion hate and ignorance seem to be the order of the day at the hard left faction. The meltdown regarding Dave Prentis’s piece in the New Statesman continues to rumble on. The level of ignorance of UNISON processes and rules is somewhat lost in maelstrom of hate for UNISON and its leader Dave Prentis. What is amazing is that some of those responding in the discussion have pointed out that it is a Labour Link issue determined by Labour Link. Even the minutes from the meeting of the 10th May have been distributed and they seem unable, or more likely unwilling to acknowledge the facts.

The hard left faction have decided to see the decision as an attack on Saint Corbyn by the treacherous right wing Tory leader of UNISON, who is bent on his destruction. How you get to that conclusion is beyond me reader, and I leave you to make your own mind up. It is worth noting that UNISON backed Corbyn at both Labour Party leadership elections.

The truth of the matter is that the National Labour Link committee is empowered to make decisions regarding Labour Party business and the NEC also has the power to make decisions between conferences. Can you imagine how ridiculous it would be if the union could only make decisions once a year? Nothing would happen! It seems that those that align themselves to the hard left faction and hold seats on the NEC are content to make decisions on that body when it suits them. When it does not go their way, they claim that its undemocratic.

Below is a selection of comments from the hard left faction’s social media feed. The identity of those commenting has been removed to save them embarrassment. Please feel free to have a look and check them out yourself.

We fight for a union where policies are decided by members. A union in which those in the most senior positions base their public statements on union democracy, not their own personal ideology. UNISON Action stands by Jeremy Corbyn. #JC4PM

In my experience @UNISON are barely worthy of the term union. Complacent & ineffectual.

Unison stands against labour foreign policy and against Jeremy Corbyn.

You’ve made your bed, lie in it.

All of my members will be leaving this fascist hate filled union

not as many votes as the likes of Prentiss with their back-stabbing.

Fuck off.

UNISON’s leadership cannot be relied upon.

I have seen nothing that convinces me Prentis has a mandate for his intervention, even from Labour Link Committee, let alone the union as a whole.

This is so far from being a Labour Party issue.

How to lose members.

Think you should state this is your opinion and not that of membership

He claims that they represent “Labour members and activists from across our union”

It wasn’t debated at Conference and is therefore for not UNISON policy.

I am a member of UNISON and you are not. I think I might know a bit more about our policies and rules than you do. Policy is decided by Conference, not Dave. It wasn’t decided by Conference (I was there).

This is not about anybody’s views, it’s about a senior representative of the union misrepresenting his own views as union policy. UNISON is a member led union, not a dictatorship.

Honestly I feel like walking out of unison

Silent during years of privatisation in the Public Sector Mr Prentis has now allied himself to the protagonists who want to bring down Jeremy Corbyn . I am angry and appalled at this betrayal of the Socialist Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, I encourage all members to write complain and take action to reclaim our Union from the control of this self serving man who has overseen the collapse of the Public Sector under the Tories so #NotInMyName #MembersTakeBackControl #PrentisResign.

This sequence of events to my mind sums up the distance (yawning chasm?) between rank and file members and the leadership.

#FiddlingWhileRomeBurns ?


It’s not worth the stress of trying to keep members in the union when we have a General Secretary who does what HE wants!

Prentis needs to retire, he’s a Blairite and not wanted to lead our union!

He’s never been a leader of the union. Right wing tosser. Feathered his own nest, that’s all.

Comrades – bad news, Jon Lansman has a new ally in Dave Prentis the right wing gen sec of unison.

Below are two extracts from NEC reports from the UNISON web page, freely available for all to see. There is commitment to the continued support of PSC and the support of protests. This statement of course post dates the Labour Link meeting of the 10th May. Looks like business as usual to me!

6th June 2018 UNISON Web Site NEC report

He (Prentis) also told the NEC that the union remained committed to its longstanding support for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and would be supporting protests against the recent killing of protesters and the ongoing blockade of Palestine.

This is the commitment statement regarding racism and anti-semitism. Worth remembering that things have moved on in the Labour Party since the 12th April.

12 April 2018 UNISON Web Site NEC Report

“We have not intervened in the current debate in the Labour Party on anti-semitism, but instead we have made clear and categoric statements speaking out against all forms of racism which includes anti-semitism. UNISON’s founding principles make it clear that any racism by members of our union conflicts with our aims and values set out in our rule book and brings the union into disrepute.”

The minute from Labour Link where the decision was made to endorse the IHRA working definition of anti-semitism is below. This was a committee decision of which there was unanimous support. It is worth pointing out reader that there are members of the National Labour Link committee that align themselves to the hard left faction, they seem to have been silent in this frenzy of hate. Surely a simple word from them would calm things down?

10th May 2018 UNISON Labour Link Committee Minute

Tackling antisemitism

Dave Prentis opened a debate on the subject of anti-Semitism where the committee was asked to debate and vote on endorsing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. The full text of the definition, along with the accompanying contemporary examples, was reviewed by the committee. He pointed out that the UNISON NEC had, at its 11 April meeting, endorsed without opposition his statement on the union’s commitment to speak out against all forms of racism including antisemitism, that acts of racism committed by members brings the union into disrepute and conflict with the union’s aims and values as set out in the rule book.

With regard to the IHRA definition, it was pointed out that organisations and official bodies that have formally adopted the definition include: the Labour Party, UK law enforcement agencies, the Civil Service, around 130 local authorities, the UK central and devolved governments, and the governments of around 40 countries worldwide.

The committee debated the definition, its main points and its potential application and usefulness both in the context of UNISON and the Labour Party.

The chair asked the committee to vote on endorsing the IHRA definition, and accepting that its principles would apply to all Labour Link groups and structures in UNISON. The committee voted unanimously in favour of endorsing the definition.

A group of ignorant, ill informed Socialist Party, SWP backed individuals are whipping up a storm of hatred towards UNISON and its General Secretary. This reporter is sure that that this hatred will extend to members of UNISON’s National Labour Link committee and associated officers sometime in the near future. As always the facts are ignored for the purpose of pursuing their aim of taking over the union. The vilification of Dave Prentis is nothing new, the motivation for this is for varied reasons (more about that in the future).

The hard left faction have been asked to provide a statement on why they oppose the IHRA definition, not only by me but some of their followers. At time of going to press, we are still waiting. In the absence of this statement, we can only speculate as to their motivation.

The true purpose of the acceptance of the IHRA definition is to urge the Labour Party to move on and get to the business of building a credible government for the benefit of all UNISON members. If the Labour movement can’t beat this awful Tory government now; it’s never going to happen.

Thanks for reading.

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