We want you to sign this, but we don’t know why?

The hard-left faction is encouraging people to sign a petition to end the suspension of an NEC member, but they don’t know why other than they want the suspension to be lifted saying “We do not know if these views and her suspension are linked”. I did have to giggle at this as it reminded me so much in its absurdity of the “Judean People’s Front” or if you would prefer “the People’s Front of Judea”.

Not knowing the facts of any situation is a trait of the faction, often ignoring the evidence to perpetuate a pointless campaign. When confronted with the facts they will usually ignore them or accuse the person giving them the facts, of being a Blairite or right wing. I am not sure that this petition will be of any benefit to the person they are seeking to support. I don’t know if the person themselves has sanctioned this petition, if this is the case, I would imagine that it would not support their case.

The facts of the case are unknown to me as they are to them, so anything in the absence of these facts is only speculation, rumor and wishful thinking; they do love a martyr. Of course, given the hard-left faction’s trope of UNISON being a corrupt evil empire run by right wing demagogues, it is not surprising that they jump on any bandwagon that they believe supports that view.

Looking at the comments on the post, pledges of solidarity are made, there is outrage and disbelief, my favorite being “Absolutely disgraceful. They cannot be allowed to get away with this”. I do have to smile as the person posting the petition and the petition itself makes it clear that they do not know why the suspension is in place and as they say, “We do not know if these views and her suspension are linked”.

It is worth noting that the petition says that signatories are signing in a personal capacity; if that is the case, why have they included their branch/national positions? That is not a personal capacity, is it?

If you were to ask them why they want the suspension lifted what would they say? What would be the rational for the request? What if the suspension has nothing to do with speaking against the health deal? What if the reason for the suspension is more sinister? For all we know, the suspension may be for dancing naked in the moonlight at national delegate conference; this is the ridiculousness of this document.

No doubt details of the outcome of the investigation will leak out, and without doubt, the facts will be ignored or manipulated to support the hard-left faction’s mania.

I have always believed that if you are going to put your name to something, you must be sure of the facts, particularly if it is in the public domain. In an age of post truth, fake news, you can’t help thinking that the unison action village idiots are taking a leaf out of the orange numpty’s handbook.

Thanks for reading.

GI Jayne   

Rumor, Speculation and Intrusion

A recent posting on the hard-left faction’s Facebook page linking to a story in the Nursing Notes Blog, illustrates attempts to link UNISON to the indiscretions of the RCN over the Health pay deal. It makes claims that UNISON Staff were threatened with disciplinary action for encouraging Health members to reject the offer. The sub heading of the story reads “An astounding 84% of Unison members voted to accept the pay deal which the union sold as a 6.5% increase over three years”, suggesting that Health members were duped by UNISON into accepting the deal.

The information provided by UNISON was factual and members voted on that basis. Unlike the ballot, the hard-left faction did not communicate with all members subject to the deal; the members spoke, and it was a resounding ‘Yes’. Time to accept that members make the decisions not unison action.

Apparently a “leaked email” provides evidence that staff were threatened and suspended for speaking out, suggesting that their motivation was one of whistleblowing rather than misconduct. It may be a reasonable assumption as to origin of the “leaked email” given previous posts by the faction on this subject. It would of course been helpful if the full content of the email had been provided, thus giving context and identifying its origin.

It is not for me to comment on an internal disciplinary investigation regarding any member of UNISON, other than to say that the process must be completed as per the rules of the union and the all evidence tested before any determination as to the culpability of an individual.

On reading the comments on the thread, there is a sensible response outlining the responsibilities of those that hold and executive position and the meaning of collective responsibility. Of course, this is attacked by certain individuals who have no interest in the democratic processes of UNISON.

Collective responsibility is the bedrock of any trade union and any attempt to undermine it is an act of anarchism. It is a reasonable expectation from trade union members that the people they elect to represent them will actually represent their views and not the views of a faction or political party.

I do hope that UNISON will be challenging the story and its content as it gives an inaccurate portrayal of the facts. Clearly its purpose is to add fuel to fire on the alleged conspiracy relating to the Health pay agreement. It is also worth pointing out that UNISON is not the RCN, no matter how badly the faction wants it to be.

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GI Jayne

HE Ballot and the Disability fail

The hard left faction have not given the energy of a single comment on the Disabled members conference. UNISON’s Disabled members came together this weekend to discuss important issues affecting disabled people who work in public services and the issues of how Disabled people are treated by the Tory government and in wider society. These issues affect us all and the treatment of Disabled people is of vital significance to us all. It is shocking that these people can’t even acknowledge that we have Disabled members, they are a disgrace to UNISON.

I am reliably informed that people that associate themselves closely with the hard left faction were more interested in selling the rape apologist SWP news papers outside the venue. There was no unison action broad left fringe meeting as they obviously have no interest in the issues affecting Disabled people. Obviously there is no glory in it!

The results of the HE ballot have been published by the hard left faction. Unfortunately the turn out is reported as 31% turnout with 62% voting yes to industrial action. Under the new legislation introduced the Tories, this means that industrial action will not take place because it has failed to meet the threshold of a 50% turnout.

Well it will come as no surprise that the hard left faction are blaming UNISON. They are saying that the left needs to debate it an push the union into not making the same tactical errors next time. Well maybe just maybe, the members do not want to take industrial action given the low turnout.

UNISON has spent thousands of pounds publicising the ballot and encouraging members to support industrial action. No one can accuse UNISON of not supporting the ballot, except of course the hard left faction. They really are a one trick phoney shambles.

Thanks for reading.

Glasgow Women’s Strike

First, I would like to say how proud I am of our sisters taking strike action for equal pay in Glasgow, this is indeed an historic event. Their bravery and fortitude will send a powerful message to all employers who seek to treat women lest favorably than men.

Looking at the hard left faction’s Facebook page, I had to do a double take when I read the comments from one of their prolific posters. They explain how incredibly excited they are by the action and how the women are ripping up the rule book that the unions have used to control us for the last thirty years. Of course, in the rapture of their excitement and never missing an opportunity to bash UNISON, our hero lays their ignorance bare for all to see.

This action is a legitimate trade dispute supported and backed by the unions concerned. The action has been taken within the confines of current legislation and is nothing to do with disregarding the union’s rules, which of course conform the prevailing legislation. The semi autoerotic pleasure displayed is an expression of a delusion fantasy.

Conversely, a comment on this post makes the claim that the union’s support was only given from fear of litigation.  This of course is utter nonsense.

We also see the comments of one of the shady characters who associates themselves with the hard left faction, making claims that the action was masterminded by a socialist party member who is a unison action sympathiser.

These hard left fantasists would latch themselves onto any successful action to feed their own mania and self-aggrandisement. These egotists would have you believe that they are responsible and that the union does nothing to support and fight for its members. The evidence would strongly suggest otherwise. They seek to scab off the backs of our women for their own aims. This enrages me as it should you.

I wish my sisters in Glasgow every success and I thank them for their courage and fortitude and most of all, for making a stand for Women’s equality, not just for themselves but for us all.

Thanks for reading.

GI Jayne

Upstairs Downstairs

Well this certainly was a revelation; I had no idea that the majority of those NEC members who align themselves with the hard left faction, don’t even meet in the same room as the NEC. They choose to inhabit a room on one of the lower floors. Even though provision is made for them to join the NEC; they just choose not to. They claim to be showing solidarity with another member who has medical issues. It seems very odd that 15-20 of your NEC members don’t even engage at probably one of UNISON’s most important meetings. They are mic’d up to the chamber so they can take part and I am told that the start of the meeting usually involves a cacophony of noise and claims that the tech isn’t working, for the purpose of causing disruption.

It seems absurd that people who have been elected to represent members behave in this way; self segregating so they don’t have to take part fully with the NEC. UNISON members would do well to remember this in the forthcoming NEC elections. One would expect that a commitment to fully engage with the NEC would be mandatory if not an obligation.

There was a presentation on recruitment for the forthcoming Grovember initiative. The faction asked about servicing members who work for private contractors, suggesting that unison probably shouldn’t recruit them unless they are serviced by the centre. The response from Dave Pentis was that it would have been sorted if the review motion had been passed at National Delegate Conference. Hmmmm, wonder who was responsible for bringing that down?

A discussion followed on direct debit subscriptions, with a faction member claiming that a number of members don’t have bank accounts. This may be true, but you have to wonder how they get paid. It was clear that they were angling for direct cash collection, for reasons we can only speculate on.

Of course the NHS pay deal came up. As you will recall reader, I have reported on this previously and outlined the hard left faction’s plan to undermine it by making claims that UNISON mislead members on the deal. This is categorically untrue! This of course cannot be said of the RCN who recently issued an apology to their members for misleading them. The faction have tried to lump UNISON with the RCN on this matter, but the evidence and ballot result tell a very different story.

Using RCN issue to whip up trouble when our members made a democratic decision on the offer is unacceptable.

It was reported that the NHS pay deal had brought thousands of staff within the living wage threshold, which is a good news story. Not seen the hard left faction celebrating this achievement and I doubt we ever will.

Another previous reported issue was discussed, that of the Dave Prentis article in the New Statesman regarding UNISON’s Labour Link decision to support the IHRA definition on anti semitism. As you will all know, the definition has now been re-adopted by the Labour Party after much furore. The President made it clear that the business of Labour Link was not for discussion at the NEC as not all NEC members are levy payers or members of the Labour Party. The point was made that if people wanted to be part of the debate they should join the party.

Dave Prentis explained that he had written the article in the New Statesman in a personal capacity. He had been referred to as the General Secretary of UNISON because that’s who he is. A faction member said that they had not received a response to the letter they had written to Prentis on the article. It transpires that Prentis had responded on the 23rd August. Strangely enough, an apology from the faction member was not forthcoming. I not that the individual has put the response on the hard left factions facebook page. Of course they had neglected to to supply the full facts or offer an apology.

Dave Prentis pointed out that he had said nothing different than others had said. UNISON has adopted a policy on anti semitism not the IHRA. The IHRA definition was Labour policy in 2016 and it does not impinge on the work of the union with regards to Palestine. UNISON continues to work with trade unions in Palestine. UNISON’s policy is and has always bee a two state solution. He said go back to conference if you want to change it. He is proud of the fact that UNISON came out against anti semitism, it is blight of the party. We need a labour government and that is what we should be focusing on. The NEC had agreed at a previous meeting that anti semitism is racism and therefore they would denounce it. This was a unanimous decision.

The faction want to discuss the general Secretary election of 2016, particularly on the Certification Officer report. The president gave his commitment that the report would come to NEC, but all processes have not been completed and the matter can”t discussed until process is done. This is a matter that has troubled no one outside of the unison action camp. It is quite clear that they want the opportunity to bully and make accusations against staff and lay leaders. This for all intents and purposes is a dead issue. The world has moved on considerably and it certainly is not an issue that is of any importance to UNISON members, not that it ever was.

If you are having trouble sleeping, I suggest you look it up, it’s freely available online. Quite interesting that those who are named from the faction in the document don’t exactly come out smelling of roses. These observations will no doubt be ignored.

I have never understood why they are so keen to beat up our union and make claims that it is corrupt in some way; that certainly is not the case. Spending valuable time on this kind of incessant navel gazing is pointless and prevents the union from getting on with work that actually makes a difference. I suppose if you are self obsessed, you may not want to move the spotlight.

My contact told me that a lot of these arguments are brought up over and over again, and valuable time is wasted by this perpetual hate of our union. The hard left faction claim that UNISON is not a fighting union; apparently a number of branches taking industrial action were discussed at the meeting. Interesting to note that most of them were branches that don’t associate with the faction.

Sounds like NEC meeting are somewhat convoluted due to the constant time wasting of the hard left faction. Is this really what we want from our leadership? Remember! Unison action broad left is brought to you by the same people who created militant (now the Socialist party). We all know how that ended.

Thanks for reading.

Fame at last

After weeks of ignoring my posts exposing the hard left factions support of racist material on the face book account. They have actually made contact with me! Well, not about that issue. They contacted me through a third party tweet. I have now been labelled sexist, although I don’t know why??? I have asked them to school me, but I am still waiting for that lesson. Undoubtedly this is another example of the hard left factions fantasy politics. As a Woman I find that hilarious to be honest. The exchange is there for all to see on their facebook page, so if you have a spare few seconds, please take a look.

I note that they posted about a failure of UNISON to support co-ordinated industrial action across all public services, claiming that UNISON had done nothing since 2010. This is again a fine example of fantasy politics and a Socialist party mantra. They are clearly ignorant of Labour law in the UK, as unfortunately to take action of this nature is not possible. If this was the case we would see other trade unions doing it. Can’t recall seeing that, can you?

I am quite pleased that they have bothered to make contact, its been a couple months since they told me that they would come for me.

So long for now reader; your red headed “sexist” reporter signing off.

Open Selection, the new conspiracy

As predicted, the hard left faction have got their knickers in a twist over open selection. They obviously have no idea how the union works and in particular Labour LINK. The usual claims about anti democratic activity on the part of UNISON are abound. One of them is even writing a motion to National Delegate Conference to express their disappointment. Well guess what? That will end up in the Standing Orders dustbin, as it will not be competent. When will they learn that the political fund matters cannot be debated at NDC?

It is interesting that there is so much complaining and bitching about Labour Link by a group of people who are mostly SWP/Socialist party members. You have to chuckle at their naivety.

So the unions did not support open selection; this comes as no surprise and for anyone who has the slightest political acumen, it is not hard to work out why.

Accusations have been thrown around, saying that the National Labour Link committee is selected by the NEC. In fairness this is in part true as half of the committee is selected by the NEC through a democratic process. The other half of the committee is elected by a direct ballot of levy paying members on a regional basis. The reason the NEC select half of the members of the committee is because the Labour Link committee is an NEC committee.

To be involved in Labour Link, you have to be a levy paying member. To have a seat on the National Link committee, you have to be a levy payer and a member of the Labour Party. So levy paying members of the NEC have a vote, but if you are not a party member, you can’t stand.

There are now calls for unison action broad left members to stand for Labour Link, presumably so they can buy the pot and enforce their naïve will upon the committee.

I note that one member of the National Labour Link committee has commented on the Facebook thread. I won’t name him especially as what he is saying is totally inaccurate and has no basis in fact; but feel free to check it out yourself.

The hard left faction believe that open selection would give them the opportunity to have their people selected for parliament. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue? I don’t know about you, but I expect my MPs to have a modicum of competence and an understanding of the importance of their role.

If these people were actually serious about taking up office, you would at least expect them to do some research on the rules of our union.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the hard left faction are usually at the back of the queue when the work is doled out; no action, no responsibility and no commitment.

Thanks for reading.

Saints and Sinners

The hard left faction have held some meetings recently, I hear on the grape vine that they have been looking at their slate for the upcoming NEC Elections and have ditched their support for certain individuals. Given that their current obsession is open selection within the Labour Party, it would be interesting to find out how they have selected this slate. I will put money on them being the usual suspects with a smattering of SWP/Socialist party loyalist fuhrer favorites. Certainly they will have employed some McCarthyistic endeavor to root out anyone they believe has shown Blairite, right tendencies, which is faction code for anyone who does not agree with them.

Surely the aim for the Labour Party is to is to become the next government, and if serious about this, all efforts and energy should be put to that aim. The current trigger ballot process is more than enough for the deselection of a sitting MP and replacement candidate. It is simple process low on bureaucracy and big on democracy, as in the members make the decisions. They have the usual bee in their bonnet over this, because the people that are directing them have not bothered to research how the existing process works.  Member made decisions are not something that the hard left faction are particularly fond of, despite what they say. Their SWP/Socialist party controllers who are adept in rhetoric, put much energy into perpetuating myths in support of their own political aims. The language of the hard left faction is the language of the SWP/Socialist party, check it out for yourself.

Having recently looked at the Stronger Unison Facebook page and in particular their pinned post, it is clear that the hard left faction were on the attack, as a number of them responded stating that they were indeed members of the Socialist party, you can’t help thinking that in their attempts to attack them, they actually supported the point Stronger Unison were making, and in the words of Homer Simpson “Doh!”……..

Saint Corbyn will be making his keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference this week, so doubtless the hard left faction will be making all sort of claims on the back of this. It’s going to be an interesting week, so keep your ears to the ground.

Thanks for reading.

The birth of a conspiracy

Reader, we are very fortunate to be on the ground level of the birth of a conspiracy. The hard left faction have put out the statement below.

UNISON Action is opposed to disciplinary action being instigated against individuals or branches for simply expressing a different view from the national leadership on issues that effect members or for campaigning amongst membership to alter UNISON policy on any issues.

UNISON Action will challenge the use of inappropriate disciplinary action being used to simply silence opposing views from that of the national leadership and to threaten and coerce members activists and branches into not raising questions and concerns around policies.

UNISON Action will work to ensure our union is genuinely lay led and oppose intimidation and unjustified abuse of disciplinary action, precisely to stifle democracy and freedom to express views and campaign to change policy which was a founding principle of UNISON.

Important things to identify in this statement are the absence of facts. Some glib attention grabbing phrases of the accusatory nature suggesting persecution and unjust action on the part of UNISON. Strong language such as ‘threaten’ ‘coerce’ ‘stifle’ ‘abuse’ etc is used to draw the reader into a world of conspiracy against the supposedly honourable person/s just legitimately raising concerns or opposing views.

I have no knowledge of the case/s they are referring to, but I would like to bet that they relate to the indiscretions of some of the hard left faction’s inner sanctum. I refer to the birth of a conspiracy, as this is the usual trope, whenever one of its number are challenged through UNISON’s rules.

It is important that you are aware reader, that UNISON does not take this sort of action lightly, and a decision to do so is made not by the General Secretary, but a number of lay officials, who seek legal advice before making the decision to proceed.

The hard left faction will now put some energy into trying to rubbish any action taken by UNISON as an unjustified “witch hunt”. Doubtless we will see that tactics employed by the likes of Tommy Robinson and co in pleading the innocence of whomever is subject to the disciplinary action. There will be claims of all sorts made and I guarantee that they will take the opportunity to bash UNISON and its leadership.

It is important to note that UNISON provides guidance: https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2013/06/On-line-Catalogue133053.pdf This document has been in place for some 18 years following a decision of National Delegate Conference. The document is comprehensive and easy to understand, setting out how to campaign to change UNISON policy democratically and within the rules of the union.

This guidance will be conveniently forgotten, or rather ignored as the conspiracy unfolds and as usual the facts will be buried by the faction, particularly if they do not fit their mantra.

So watch this space and let’s see what unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

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