Excuse me for asking?

Excuse me for asking? but why are a group of unison members who want to campaign within unison celebrating the following? “23 out of 25 seats on NIPSA (Northern Ireland Public Sector union) NEC won by the Broad Left in this week’s elections. UNISON next…” This was posted on the hard-left Facebook page this afternoon.

Unison action broad left have continuously denied having any conection to the socialist party/SWP. If you look up the origins of the “broad left”, you will discover that it has its roots in the socialist party, this link refers The Broad Left Organising Committee There is also further information out there if you care to look for it.

There is no beating about the bush on this matter, YOU ARE BEING LIED TO! This outside body is seeking to infiltrate UNISON for its own polictical ends. They are not the honest brokers they claim to be. What the above statement tells us is that they are seeking to infiltrate all trade unions, to raid their resources and influence members to their ideology.

I ask you to condider reader, why they would be celebrating the outcome of a different trade union’s elections if they were only concerned with matters UNISON?

UNISON members need to vote carefully in the upcomming NEC elections, to ensure that these lying charlatans do not get a firmer foothold in the running of our union.

You have been warned!

Thanks for reading

GI Jayne

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