Glasgow Women’s Strike

First, I would like to say how proud I am of our sisters taking strike action for equal pay in Glasgow, this is indeed an historic event. Their bravery and fortitude will send a powerful message to all employers who seek to treat women lest favorably than men.

Looking at the hard left faction’s Facebook page, I had to do a double take when I read the comments from one of their prolific posters. They explain how incredibly excited they are by the action and how the women are ripping up the rule book that the unions have used to control us for the last thirty years. Of course, in the rapture of their excitement and never missing an opportunity to bash UNISON, our hero lays their ignorance bare for all to see.

This action is a legitimate trade dispute supported and backed by the unions concerned. The action has been taken within the confines of current legislation and is nothing to do with disregarding the union’s rules, which of course conform the prevailing legislation. The semi autoerotic pleasure displayed is an expression of a delusion fantasy.

Conversely, a comment on this post makes the claim that the union’s support was only given from fear of litigation.  This of course is utter nonsense.

We also see the comments of one of the shady characters who associates themselves with the hard left faction, making claims that the action was masterminded by a socialist party member who is a unison action sympathiser.

These hard left fantasists would latch themselves onto any successful action to feed their own mania and self-aggrandisement. These egotists would have you believe that they are responsible and that the union does nothing to support and fight for its members. The evidence would strongly suggest otherwise. They seek to scab off the backs of our women for their own aims. This enrages me as it should you.

I wish my sisters in Glasgow every success and I thank them for their courage and fortitude and most of all, for making a stand for Women’s equality, not just for themselves but for us all.

Thanks for reading.

GI Jayne

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