Fame at last

After weeks of ignoring my posts exposing the hard left factions support of racist material on the face book account. They have actually made contact with me! Well, not about that issue. They contacted me through a third party tweet. I have now been labelled sexist, although I don’t know why??? I have asked them to school me, but I am still waiting for that lesson. Undoubtedly this is another example of the hard left factions fantasy politics. As a Woman I find that hilarious to be honest. The exchange is there for all to see on their facebook page, so if you have a spare few seconds, please take a look.

I note that they posted about a failure of UNISON to support co-ordinated industrial action across all public services, claiming that UNISON had done nothing since 2010. This is again a fine example of fantasy politics and a Socialist party mantra. They are clearly ignorant of Labour law in the UK, as unfortunately to take action of this nature is not possible. If this was the case we would see other trade unions doing it. Can’t recall seeing that, can you?

I am quite pleased that they have bothered to make contact, its been a couple months since they told me that they would come for me.

So long for now reader; your red headed “sexist” reporter signing off.

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