Saints and Sinners

The hard left faction have held some meetings recently, I hear on the grape vine that they have been looking at their slate for the upcoming NEC Elections and have ditched their support for certain individuals. Given that their current obsession is open selection within the Labour Party, it would be interesting to find out how they have selected this slate. I will put money on them being the usual suspects with a smattering of SWP/Socialist party loyalist fuhrer favorites. Certainly they will have employed some McCarthyistic endeavor to root out anyone they believe has shown Blairite, right tendencies, which is faction code for anyone who does not agree with them.

Surely the aim for the Labour Party is to is to become the next government, and if serious about this, all efforts and energy should be put to that aim. The current trigger ballot process is more than enough for the deselection of a sitting MP and replacement candidate. It is simple process low on bureaucracy and big on democracy, as in the members make the decisions. They have the usual bee in their bonnet over this, because the people that are directing them have not bothered to research how the existing process works.  Member made decisions are not something that the hard left faction are particularly fond of, despite what they say. Their SWP/Socialist party controllers who are adept in rhetoric, put much energy into perpetuating myths in support of their own political aims. The language of the hard left faction is the language of the SWP/Socialist party, check it out for yourself.

Having recently looked at the Stronger Unison Facebook page and in particular their pinned post, it is clear that the hard left faction were on the attack, as a number of them responded stating that they were indeed members of the Socialist party, you can’t help thinking that in their attempts to attack them, they actually supported the point Stronger Unison were making, and in the words of Homer Simpson “Doh!”……..

Saint Corbyn will be making his keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference this week, so doubtless the hard left faction will be making all sort of claims on the back of this. It’s going to be an interesting week, so keep your ears to the ground.

Thanks for reading.

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