The birth of a conspiracy

Reader, we are very fortunate to be on the ground level of the birth of a conspiracy. The hard left faction have put out the statement below.

UNISON Action is opposed to disciplinary action being instigated against individuals or branches for simply expressing a different view from the national leadership on issues that effect members or for campaigning amongst membership to alter UNISON policy on any issues.

UNISON Action will challenge the use of inappropriate disciplinary action being used to simply silence opposing views from that of the national leadership and to threaten and coerce members activists and branches into not raising questions and concerns around policies.

UNISON Action will work to ensure our union is genuinely lay led and oppose intimidation and unjustified abuse of disciplinary action, precisely to stifle democracy and freedom to express views and campaign to change policy which was a founding principle of UNISON.

Important things to identify in this statement are the absence of facts. Some glib attention grabbing phrases of the accusatory nature suggesting persecution and unjust action on the part of UNISON. Strong language such as ‘threaten’ ‘coerce’ ‘stifle’ ‘abuse’ etc is used to draw the reader into a world of conspiracy against the supposedly honourable person/s just legitimately raising concerns or opposing views.

I have no knowledge of the case/s they are referring to, but I would like to bet that they relate to the indiscretions of some of the hard left faction’s inner sanctum. I refer to the birth of a conspiracy, as this is the usual trope, whenever one of its number are challenged through UNISON’s rules.

It is important that you are aware reader, that UNISON does not take this sort of action lightly, and a decision to do so is made not by the General Secretary, but a number of lay officials, who seek legal advice before making the decision to proceed.

The hard left faction will now put some energy into trying to rubbish any action taken by UNISON as an unjustified “witch hunt”. Doubtless we will see that tactics employed by the likes of Tommy Robinson and co in pleading the innocence of whomever is subject to the disciplinary action. There will be claims of all sorts made and I guarantee that they will take the opportunity to bash UNISON and its leadership.

It is important to note that UNISON provides guidance: This document has been in place for some 18 years following a decision of National Delegate Conference. The document is comprehensive and easy to understand, setting out how to campaign to change UNISON policy democratically and within the rules of the union.

This guidance will be conveniently forgotten, or rather ignored as the conspiracy unfolds and as usual the facts will be buried by the faction, particularly if they do not fit their mantra.

So watch this space and let’s see what unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

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