Unison action allows racist material

The hard left faction are content to have racist anti-semitic material on their facebook page. I have provided them with a screen shot of the offensive material and yet it remains on their page some 24 hours later. The offending material was posted on Thursday 6th September 2018 at 14:37. The individual posting the image calling for people copy the image, a hashtag and share it. He also posted the comment “we will not let the right stop us from opposing what israel is doing”.

The image is of one of the posters place on London bus shelter’s which the words “Israel is a racist endeavour”. These posters were place illegally and caused great offence to the Jewish community. The activity Is being investigated by the police. The posters were also condemned by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

This sort of behaviour is what is at the root of the ant-semitism crisis in the Labour Party. And unfortunately, the hard left faction are content to be complicit in this sort of behaviour. Having failed to give a statement on their position on the IHRA definition, it is clear that they are part of the problem.

The sharing of racist material will undoubtably be in contravention of employer’s codes of conduct and they seem oblivious to that fact. They have shown a lack of leadership in allowing the post to remain on their page; failing to remove it breaching the most basic of moderation protocols. They cannot claim to not have seen it as there has been activity on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I am sure that the majority of UNISON members would also condemn this sort of behaviour.

Thanks for reading.

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