Same old story

The hard-left faction has started a new Facebook page calling themselves a trade union with the usual hyper unjustified criticism of UNSION, stating “The current UNISON machine has failed to stop the onslaught of cuts and privatisation. It has failed to reverse the real terms deflation of public sector wages”.   Let’s remember that UNISON is a lay lead union where decisions are made by the members who vote to accept or reject pay offers, it is they who will take industrial action, it is they that will bear the cost and it is THEIR decision.

If you were to believe the hard-left faction, UNISON are solely responsible for austerity and low pay. Well if they had been paying attention to the facts instead of participating in circle jerks, they would understand that the situation is far more complicated, and taking industrial action alone is not going to solve the problem. Recent pay awards have not been supported by additional cash from the government and employers have had to support them through existing funds. Guess what? This means that members jobs are put at greater risk and that services reduce. This strategy is a deliberate ploy on the part of the government, not UNISON.

The law in the UK relating to trade unions is probably one of the most regulated and stringent in Europe. The taking of industrial action has been made increasing difficult by the tory government. Not following the legal processes puts UNISON in existential jeopardy, something the hard-left faction fail to grasp.

The problem is the ideological standpoint of the government to reduce the tax burden for rich and reduce the burden of public services on the state. This has been a political battle right from the get go. Perhaps if Dave Prentis had stripped to the waist, donned boxing gloves and offered out employers, the hard-left faction may have been satisfied, but I doubt it.

Their allegation that UNISON does not fight for its members is as insulting as it is untrue. We see their slogans of “we are the union” “it’s our union” used to attack and vilify UNISON. Well the fact is they are not the union and it is not their union, the members are the union and it belongs to them, not the SWP/Socialist party backed unison action broad left.

They crave power but not responsibility, they are the trade union equivalent of the PPI salesmen, offering something that can never be delivered. Come to think of it, most of their lead people are men, consumed by their own narcissistic inadequacy, desperate for the limelight and wallowing in their own self-aggrandisement.

They claim that “UNISON Action Broad Left held its inaugural steering committee in Birmingham. Made up of democratically elected representatives from across regions and service groups”. I could probably name every single one of them and guarantee that the gender make up was mostly male. I am sure there was more than a peppering of the shady characters from the SWP/Socialist party in attendance. One key question does spring to mind though! Who paid for it?

Thanks for reading.

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