Who is Guest Informant? Q&A

Q. Who are you?

A. I am sure there are a few people who would like to know.

Q. Why do you use anonymity?

A. I use anonymity for good reason. I have dealt with several of the people who associate with unison action over the years and I genuinely believe that they would harass and intimidate me, and my family should they discover my identity. As a mother with young children, I would not want to put them through that.

Q. Are you a UNISON member?

A. Yes! I am an ordinary member just like you, who cares about her union. I am very proud of UNISON and its achievements.

Q. Why did you start this blog?

A. I got sick and tired of hearing unison action broad left slagging off our union, its leadership and its policies. I felt I could not sit back and allow them to get away with it. Having been involved with their sort of politics in the past, I feel I am well qualified to expose them for what they really are. UNISON is a great union that supports its members in so many ways that is making a difference to the lives of its members and their families.

Q. Which Political Party do you support?

A. I am a Labour Party member and have been for many years.

Q. Do you support Stronger UNISON?

A. I don’t see any issues with stronger UNISON, but I would like to see a unified union working together in the interests of all our members.

Q. Are you employed by UNISON?

A. No, I work in the Public Sector.

Q. You did go by the name of Rodney’s Ghost when you first started, why was that and why did you change it?

A. My Father was a trade unionist all his life, and I learned many of my values and opinions from him; I loved him very much. I used his name because I know that he would not have supported a hard-left faction that did not have the best interests of the membership at heart. I changed the name because people thought that it referred to the late Rodney Bickerstaff, and I did not want to cause offense to his friends and family.

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