It’s your union, let’s keep it that way

The hard left faction will be gearing up to take as many seats as possible in the Service Group Executive by-elections. The nomination period opens on the 10th September and no doubt there will be a clattering of requests to branches to support their candidates.

The faction have already published their intent to take all the vacant seats with the following choice comments:

“59?? We could run the union with that :)”

“Let’s get rid of the neo liberals who run the union”.

No surprises that they are seeking to take over the union at every level. I am sure that there will be a war room set up in some dusty bunker co-ordinated by the SWP/Socialist party controllers. There will doubtless be a slate and it will be really interesting to see if that can actually field 59 candidates that are daft enough to associate themselves with the faction.

This reporter reliably informed that the current incumbents who associate themselves with the hard left faction, are never at the front of the queue when the work is doled out. These hyper critical individuals tend to shy away from actually taking any responsibility and doing any actual work; they would rather shout for strikes and demos and criticise the leadership. They don’t seem to understand that leadership is about rolling your sleeves up and getting your hands dirty. Responsibility is not something they are keen to accept and their knowledge of what the union actually does or how it works is shockingly poor.

This is one of the problems with single issue pressure groups, all their energy is spent on a very narrow perspective. They tend to think of the union like a car, you get in and you drive it, they don’t consider the refuelling, the maintenance and all the other things that need to be done to keep it on the road.

When branches receive nominations, my advice is to check what candidates are saying, their political allegiances and their understanding of the union. Ask them if they are not saying, you have a right to know.

One thing is for sure, this SWP/Socialist Party backed faction is serious about taking over your union, but god only knows what they would do with it if they achieved that aim.

So reader, think very carefully when you are supporting candidates in this important election, are these people really working in the best interest of your union and your members?

Thanks for reading.

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