UNISON Faction Inaction

UNISON members often find themselves at the forefront of major events, being first responders when communities are under attack. Our paramedics, Nurses, Police Civilians, PCSOs, Council Workers to name but a few put those in peril before themselves. Many UNISON members were directly involved in the terror Attacks, such as the Manchester Arena bombing, the attacks on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. These members were dealing with victims, victims families and the aftermath of the atrocities. The UNISON members involved showed courage and determination in providing services to the public in the worst of situations. All these members are worthy of our thanks and admiration for working beyond the call of duty.

I know that many UNISON Branches gave thanks to their members for doing such a good job, reflecting the gratitude of the public and authorities alike, and quite right too. What annoys me intensely, is that the hard left faction did not even acknowledge one single member, or acknowledge that anything had happened. No messages of support, no messages of thanks and definitely no messages of solidarity.

Being a public service worker can be a very difficult job, working in areas that the others would shy away from. I for one believe that UNISON members are brilliant and mean so much more to us than fodder for strike action in support of an SWP/Socialist Party political agenda. UNISON members deserve our respect, acknowledgment and our support. The hard left faction want to take over UNISON and turn it into what they call a fighting union; they don’t have an ounce or respect for UNISON members or the work they do, they are a single issue pressure group backed by the SWP and the Socialist Party. If we allow them to get a grip on UNISON, you will see it collapse and members much needed support will be eroded in favour of their political agenda. Shame on them and their political masters.

I say thank you to UNISON members and all the work you do on our behalf, I notice you, I acknowledge you, I believe in you and I am proud of you,

Thanks for reading.

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