UNISON Hate Continues

UNISON has officially become the biggest trade union in the UK, an achievement you would think was worthy of celebration. This is not the case with the hard left faction, never wanting to be seen to support UNISON, they had this to say.

“Numbers mean nothing if you can’t look after what you have”.

“Praising Unison for its “pragmatic” approach makes me smell a rat 🐀

“This article seems to think that a declining unite is some sort of victory for unison, and that UNISON’s letter writing campaigns are the future of trade unionism. Wrong on both counts”.

Many things have annoyed me about our dear leadership in recent times. However, this constant bleating about being the biggest union is up there. I even remember them at conference last year calling into question Unite’s membership record keeping., which is disgusting”.

“should be part and parcel of class struggle”.

“I just hate the triumphalism from the leadership on this. We should be celebrating winning great victories for them, not just increasing numbers“.

“Unison is done f… all in the NHS specially on the last pay negotiations. All my colleagues have left Unison and join GMB and I don’t blame them”.

“There is also some going to unite as well”.

“It’s no accident that the building on Euston Road looks like a bank”.

One thing is for sure, the hard left faction have had nothing to do with the increase in membership. They despise any success and would rather see the union collapse so they could pick at the bones and shout “we told you so”.

UNISON is a great union that has much to offer its members and the fact that it is continuing to grow is a testament to its relevance and success.

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