The great Labour Link Conspiracy

The thirst for conspiracy is quite strong in the hard left faction, with the usual attacks on Dave Prentis claiming that he has betrayed Saint Corbyn for writing in the New Statesman and writing a letter to the General Secretary of the Labour Party, urging them to accept the IHRA definition of anti semitism.

Keen to mount some form of campaign against UNISON and DP, for daring to act upon a democratically made decision of UNISON’s Labour Link committee of the 10th May; they seem incapable of being able to join the dots or understand how UNISON works when it comes to Labour. Such is their hatred to DP and UNISON they have gone totally down the wrong path, which is nothing new!

This well organised (so they can understand, this is a tongue firmly in cheek comment) hard left faction is now desperately trying to work out how this has happened. It would appear that the communal brain cell may have malfunctioned, is out for rent or that it can’t compute two things at once. Never wanting to let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy, they have failed to see the evidence that is right before their eyes. Maybe its because it covers the span of two weeks? It is so tempting to draw them a map, but that would spoil all the fun of watching them trying to work it all out. It never ceases to amaze me that that these people actually think that they could run UNISON.

The lack of realisation of the politics that surrounds this issue is dumbfounding. I suppose as it does not involve calls for a general strike, a demo or shouting down the Tories, the tool box is empty.

It is important to note reader, they have been asked by a number of people to say where they as a faction sit with regards to the IRHA definition; but alas, they remain silent, thus leaving us to speculate as to their true motivation.

Thanks for reading.

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