The Highjack Imperative

Are you considering industrial action? Have you come to the end of what can be achieved by negotiation? Have you worked tirelessly for your members, working long hours, dealing with the fears and concerns of the people you represent? Are your members willing to give up income they can ill afford to support industrial action in the hope of getting a better offer? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, you have worked damn hard for your members. Imagine doing all that work, making all those sacrifices and getting members to support the action. Anyone who has ever done this will know how difficult it is.

Now imagine someone who has not been involved coming along and taking the credit and claiming they have made it all happen! How would you feel? You would be pretty pissed off wouldn’t you?

Well our friends of the hard left faction, highjack disputes and claim the glory to make it look like they are actually doing the hard graft. They put out information on disputes without even considering the impact on the people affected. They claim to speak for the branch and its members, they make it seem as though their actions (or rather inaction) is what has brought about the dispute, because they are fighting for working people, furthering the cause of becoming a fighting union.

If you believe that UNISON is not a fighting union, you would be wrong. Decisions to take industrial action are not taken lightly and there are legal processes that the union has to go through to ensure that it is lawful and that our members and our union are protected. The hoops that we have to jump through are unreasonable and even more stringent following the introduction of the recent Trade Union act. So going through all that work for someone to hijack your dispute should make you mad, it certainly would me!

The hard left faction are master situationalists, taking advantage of anything that fits their narrative. How many times have you attended a demo and seen the “have paste table will travel brigade” setting up as though they have actually organised the event? To deliver successful industrial action takes hard work, sleepless nights and strong leadership from dedicated activists. The behaviour of the hard left faction, unison action is abhorrent and an insult to decent hard working caring activists.

As always reader, don’t take my word for it, look for yourself, the evidence is there.

Thanks for reading.

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