Is this some sort of coincidence?

Well I don’t think it is! Hard left faction members handing out unison action broad left flyers as they sell their organisation”s newspapers. The socialist and SWP backed faction are keen to get unsuspecting UNISON members to sign up. They would have you believe that there is no connection between the hard left faction and these organisations, but every corner you turn they seem to be inseparable. Why is this? Why are they connected? Well the answer is that they are the same organisation, simple as that.

UNISON member beware, you are being groomed by these people, they don’t actually care about you, they only care about using you to achieve their aims. These photographs have been taken from their own social media feed, so they are not even trying to hide it. I have hidden the faces of these individuals to protect their identities. Many of you would recognise them if you have attended UNISON conferences, they are the ones who spend most of their time outside peddling their wares.

To summarise; the hard left faction are backed by the Socialist Party and the SWP, I have provided you with independent evidence of this in a previous entry. You may feel the term grooming to be a bit heavy, but it isn’t, that is exactly what they are doing.

Thanks for reading.

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