Women Beware!

Who Organises a Unison Action Meeting at Women’s Conference? Well let me tell you! The Socialist party of course. According to this reporters source (not wishing to reveal my source, but it was the Socialist Party) The Unison Action broad left meeting was and I quote, was “initiated and organised by Socialist Party members”. The hard left faction protest their innocence when it is pointed out that they are backed by the rape apologist SWP (Remember Comrade Delta) and the Socialist Party; but everywhere you look, you will find the connection.

I am informed that the hard left faction’s members were even selling copies of socialist worker outside the conference centre. If ever there was a case for crass insensitivity and hypocrisy, this was it. The selling of their newspapers was clearly more important than causing offence and showing contempt to Women delegates by showing their support for the SWP.

I am sure that a Socialist Party organised Unison Action broad left fringe meeting will be coming to a conference near you sometime soon.

Thanks for reading.

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