It’s Official; Unison Action Broad left is a Trotskyist movement

Pottering around as one does, your reporter discovered a very informative book; Contemporary Trotskyism, Parties Sects and Social Movements in Britain by John Kelly. Thumbing through the manuscript, I discovered that the hard left faction have got themselves a mention in the book. Well done and many congratulations to them.

Page 183 of Mr Kelly’s book refers and I quote “In one of the unions -UNISON- is there any degree of unity, around the Unison Action Broad Left grouping, which is currently (2017) backed by the SWP and Socialist Party”.

So there you have it, independent proof that the hard left faction are backed by the SWP and Socialist Party. This comes as no shock to your reporter, as this has been known for some time. The sad thing is that the hard left faction are attempting to dupe well meaning UNISON members into believing that they are a grass roots organisation with their best interests at heart.

Many UNISON members have been taken for a ride by these charlatans denying their association with these hard left groups. But reader, if you care to look, the evidence is there for all to see. Their claims that UNISON does not support its members and that the union is under the control of employed officers of the union is a total untruth. Their rhetoric that the General Secretary is a Blairight Right Winger, is the language of the SWP and Socialist Party. Those of you that have heard DP speak know where his heart is and his dedication to UNISON’s members.

We have always known who pulls the strings in the hard left faction, so reader be be warned, they are not who they pretend to be and if they get the keys to the union, be prepared to watch it disintegrate into insignificance.

UNISON is a big complicated organisation, it may not be perfect, but it does recognise that it needs to change; unfortunately our friends from the hard left faction prevented that from happening by shouting down the motion at National Delegate Conference that could make that happen, thus hamstringing the union and seeing it have to function in limbo for another year.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t take my word for it, look for yourselves.

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