So the truth is out there! The formal statement from the hard-left faction on Twitter posted at 7:40am this morning (pictured below), strongly suggests that they do not support the IHRA working definition of anti semitism. Looking at the thread of the post and on their facebook page, the venomous hatred that has been expressed against UNISON’s General Secretary for writing about UNISON’s support of the definition in the New Statesman is astounding. There members are even threatening to leave UNISON as a consequence; well don’t let the door bang you in the head as you leave the building.

This behaviour is shocking and exemplifies exactly why there is a problem with anti semitism in the Labour Party. So much energy is being put into fighting against the acceptance of the definition, you have to question their motives. They are attempting to hide this under thin veil of supporting Saint Corbyn, but this reporter isn’t buying it.

The hard left faction is either unable to understand the simplicity of the issue or is deliberately supporting anti semitism and I leave it to you reader to make your own mind up. To aid that decision follow this link to the definition.


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