Idiot Joy Showland

Looks like the the hard left faction have gone into a dizzy funk over UNISON adopting the IHRA definition of anti semitism and urging the Labour Party to do likewise. This has come as news to them by the Dave Prentis piece in the New Statesman

According to them New Statesman is a Tory controlled magazine and DP is now complicit in the plot to overthrow Saint Corbyn. Such is their hatred for DP and UNISON, I am surprised that we are not hearing calls of “burn the witch” as the hard left faction villagers pick up their placards and march on UNISON’s headquarters.

So what are the facts regarding the adoption of the IHRA definition? Unlike Saint Corbin, DP has shown some leadership, your reporter is informed that it was UNISON’s National Labour link committee that unanimously made the decision to adopt the definition at its meeting on !0th May 2018. The committee debated the definition, its main points and its potential application and usefulness both in the context of UNISON and the Labour Party.

The hard left faction are of course upset because they believe that the adoption of the definition will cut of another opportunity for them to play working class hero when protesting about the actions of Israel’s government towards Palestinians. This of course is not the case, protesting against the actions of any government is a legitimate activity if the actions of that government are morally reprehensible.

Reading their comments perfectly illustrates why there is a problem with anti semitism in the Labour Party. The hated of their own union and its leadership is all consuming. It emphasises the gullibility of the hard left faction to believe any idiotic rumour that feeds this hatred. So they set another fire where there was no spark because of their own ignorance and failure to check the facts; this is the behaviour that is at the root of Labour’s problems.

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