Gobshites to the left of me

Rodney’s has been going a couple of days and the threats and intimidation has already started. The hard left faction have sent their deluded foot soldiers to name call, threaten and intimidate; so much for the socialist hegemony. This is typical behaviour experienced by anyone who challenges them; lies and misrepresentation are bound to follow when they are confronted with the facts.

These are the people who want to take over our union, these are the people who live a life of pretence, the faux working class heroes made of straw. Anyone who has been to a UNISON conference will see the same faces popping up on the rostrum. and like the faces, the rhetoric does not change. There was a saying; “if you want to have a voice, speak in UNISON”. Well reader, if you can get past the queue of gobshites you may be in with a chance, but I doubt it.

Anyone who does not agree with them is called a Blairite or right wing. This almost McCarthyist facist like behaviour is astounding from people who claim to be socialist and supportive of the people who they dare to say they represent. The hard left faction wants to bring this mentality into the mainstream of our union, the only difference between them and the the fascists is the colour of their flag.

The cult like fanaticism of the hard left faction seeks to eat away at the foundations of the union and use its resources for their own ends, do you really think that this should be allowed to happen? I don’t and I think any reasonable person would feel the same.

Thanks for reading.

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