Calls for a Special Conference on NHS Pay Deal

The hard left faction are encouraging branches to support a special conference over the NHS pay deal. It has been inspired by the recent apology from the RCN for providing duff information to their members. This is music to the faction’s ears, having waited for any excuse to have a pop at UNISON.

The RCN have quite rightly apologised for their mistake which is not a mistake that UNISON made. The Faction must have been wetting themselves with excitement when the news broke; giving them the excuse to raise a mountain of misinformation of what UNISON allegedly did or did not do. UNISON clearly has been totally above board, open and transparent with regard to explaining the NHS pay deal. There is plenty of documentary evidence to support this, despite what the faction are telling people.

Doubtless they will get their quota of branches to support the call for a special conference. Should the conference go ahead, it will no doubt feature the usual gobshites spouting the usual mantra that we need to take strike action to improve the offer; that the leadership is weak and they sold the members out, blah, blah, blah…..

Members voted on the deal, members made the decision and members were informed of the detail of the deal. Of those that voted, there was a majority of over 80% to accept the deal on a 30% turnout. That is a democratic decision anyway you wish to look at it and most importantly, our members were not mislead.

UNISON is still a lay lead union and the democratic process used for decision making is functioning well as can be seen by this example. The faction may speak of democracy but their actions suggest otherwise. Members voices are what count when it comes to the most important issues such as pay and conditions and it is members who we represent.

Those of you that work in health will be finding out exactly what the deal means to you in real terms as the elements kick in. You will be able make your own mind up as to wether you believe it was a reasonable deal or not.

When it comes to paying your bills and supporting your family, is a group of factional gobshites in a coastal hall, calling for strike action, vilifying hard working staff and calls to overthrow the government really going to make a difference? I think not!

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7 thoughts on “Calls for a Special Conference on NHS Pay Deal

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  1. Your “article” is complete bullshit from beginning to end.
    Show me where in the literature provided by Unison did it say that the 3% in the first year would comprise of 1.5% then the other 1.5% at increment date. It didn’t.
    Show me where it says that the first year of the deal is fully funded but year 2 and 3 are not. It didn’t.
    Show me where it says that some members will be out of pocket due to tax and pension contribution changes? It didn’t. In fact it misled members by saying no one would be worse off.
    So my advice to you Mr/Ms Anon is to go back and check your facts rather than continuing to muddy the waters with misinformation and lies. It is you that is letting down rank and file members, not the Left.


    1. The truth is out there for those that are interested or bothered to find it. The facts speak for them self. It is clear that the hard left faction are grasping at straws in the vain hope that they can get some credibility; sadly that ship has sailed. Bon voyage…..

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      1. Produce the facts on your blog. The burden of proof is on you.
        But you can’t can you? Because you’re talking rubbish.
        You can’t even identify yourself although I have damn good idea of who you are.
        What are you afraid of?


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