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Welcome to this new blog that offers an alternative view of UNISON, not the clap trap spouted by the factional hard left. UNISON is a progressive lay led union that supports its members and fights on their behalf. If you have read the nonesense from the hard left faction, you could be forgiven for believing that UNISON is a toothless tiger run by right wing activists in the pockets of paid staff. This of course is utter nonsense with no basis in fact whatsoever.

The majority of UNISON activists are hard working people providing much needed support to members in the workplace, dealing with the issues of the modern employment in a hostile environment created by a government who care little for public services.

The factional hard left seem to care little about what is important to members, often trying to overturn democratic decisions by seeding untruths and spreading gossip that paints them as the white hatted heroes riding into dodge to save the day.

The pretence that democratically made decisions are invalid,suggests that they believe that members are somehow stupid for buying into an imperfect process having been hoodwinked by a lazy elite who are in comfortable positions and don’t want to rock the boat. This of course is nonsense.

The hard left will have you believe that the only way to resolve matters is through strike or protest, dismissing the opportunities that exist for improvement by other means. There is always an argument for industrial action when all other means have failed and the decision to take action should always be the decision of members not the banner waving gobshites whos only real interest is self aggrandisement to feed their own egos.

So long for now folks….

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